Thyrolytics technology


Thyrolytics™ is a unique electrical and biosensing platform, using specific enzymes to measures blood levels of TSH, free T3 and T4. In contrast to today’s methods, a single drop of blood from the fingertip is enough, with accurate results within minutes. Thyrolytics disruptive bioinspired diagnostic technology uses Nanotechnology and Protein Engineering to measure the thyroid hormones in blood, just like the cells in our bodies do.


The metabolically active free hormones which account for less than 0.3 % of the total circulating thyroid hormone load can be directly probed by our platform thereby eliminating the biases and inconsistencies of the current commercial methods. The concept is validated and refined by several key opinion leaders.

Usability enabling new markets

Cost effective.

4% of the north European population take Levaxin daily as hypothyroid
treatment. The doses needs to be calibrated and adjusted, sometimes
every other month, due to hormonal shifts and other factors. With a one
click benchtop device such as Thyrolytics ™, pharmacies and GPs could test without days of waiting times from central labs. This cuts costs while increasing efficiency and patient satisfaction


Thyrolytics’ patent pending platform is highly robust, reliable, and cost-effective. Besides the significant leap in accurate and companion diagnostics, Thyrolytics bridges the gap between central diagnostic labs and patient care.

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