Thyrolytics’ disruptive bioinspired diagnostic technology uses Nanotechnology and Protein Engineering to measure the thyroid hormones in blood, just like the cells in our bodies do. The metabolically active free hormones which account for less than 0.3 % of the total circulating thyroid hormone load can be directly probed by our platform thereby eliminating the biases and inconsistencies of the current commercial methods.

Thyrolytics’ patent pending platform is highly robust, reliable, and cost-effective. Besides the significant leap in accurate and companion diagnostics, Thyrolytics bridges the gap between central diagnostic labs and patient care.

Competetive Advantages

Fast and portable

One-step measurement - bench-top setup diagnostic format.

High accuracy

High selectivity and specificity of the specific proteins on the biosensor.

Lower cost

Cheaper device and chips lead to lower cost of diagnosis.

Easily integrated

Our chips can be easily integrated with other electrochemical/optical devices.